Can I Make Myself Cry To Get Emotional Relief


Asked by dofake

Can I Make Myself Cry To Get Emotional Relief

can i make myself cry? how do actors do it?


Thank you for your question and welcome to Health Central's Anxiety Community.

Many people do experience emotional relief after crying. Our expert, Jerry Kennard wrote a post, Let it Out: The Benefits of Crying, and stated,

"The physical effects of crying do indeed show that once crying stops, the body moves from a state of high arousal to one more associated with relaxation. Breathing and heart rate slows, sweating decreases and the period of the relaxed state tends to last longer than the time spent crying. For some people, they actually remember the positive side of crying more than the crying itself, so the reinforcing effects that follow a bout of crying could account for this.

But, feeling better after crying isn't something shared by everyone. People with anxiety or mood disorders for example do not report feeling better. Those who derive the greatest benefit appear to have received a good level of emotional support from others at the time they cried."

I am not sure how you can make yourself cry. Usually this occurs after an event or situation which saddens you. I don't know if forcing yourself to cry would have the same benefits. As far as actors, I would imagine that each one has its own way - maybe thinking of something very sad or using an onion to bring on the tears.

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Answered by Eileen Bailey