Naps May Reduce Frustration

Taking even a short nap can reduce both your level of frustration and your impulsivity, suggests a small study at the University of Michigan.

Researchers recruited 40 people, ages 18 to 50, to participate in computer-based tests of frustration tolerance by assigning them an impossible task. Participants were also asked to complete questionnaires on sleepiness, mood, and impulsivity, and were then randomly assigned to either take an hour’s nap or to watch a nature video. At the end, they were tested again.

Before the nap or nature video, participants spent the same amount of time on the unsolvable task, but afterwards the nappers went back to the task and spent longer on it than non-nappers, Also, their behavior was found to be less impulsive than the non-nappers.

Two points worth noting: No electronic precision devices were used to measure sleep and the study involved mainly college students.

Yet the researchers say the results provide more evidence that naps can make a difference in a person's attitude and behavior.

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Sourced from: New York Times, Naps May Improve Our Frustration Tolerance