Nasty Skin Rash That Won't Go Away After Several Months Of Treatment? D:


Asked by LittleTobee

Nasty Skin Rash That Won't Go Away After Several Months Of Treatment? D:

Hello there :D I'm wondering if anybody can help me, D: I'm a 20 year old female. I have quite a severe rash which consists of many small red bumps, the concentrated areas are on my wrists (very bad), back of my hands and the crease of my thumb and fingers (medium), inner elbows (quite bad), the space inbetween my elbow and wrist (sparse), my inner thighs (very bad), behind my knees (medium) and on my lower back (I don't know what it looks like but i can feel it when i touch the skin). There is nothing anywhere else that I know of. It's colour depends on the light - in bright or intense light, it is very red and obvious, but in dull light it is flesh coloured/dark pink. It has been ongoing for many months now, i've been to the doctor twice and the first time he told me it was eczema and gave me a mild steroid cream as well as a giant tub of Dermon 500 lotion. I finished the steroid treatment with no change to the rash. I went back a month later and he said it looked like Molluscum because there seemed to be little circles in the middle of the bumps- he gave me more Dermol 500 and a tube of crystacide. I'm a month on from that treatment now and it hasn't worked, in fact it seems to have made its way onto my inner arm. He ruled out scabies and other parasites. My only allergy is to Penicillin, which i have avoided to the best of my knowledge. ^_^ Please help - i'm starting training as a beautician next week and nobody wants a free complimentary skin infection!! xD Thankyou in advance :D


Hi there

I am so sorry you are going through this. Please know that I am not a doctor or a dermatologist so I cannot give you any medical advice.

My best suggestion is to keep a log of all your symptoms as well as treatments you have tried. I would also take a photo of the affected skin areas with dates on them to see if there are any changes over time. Since you are a beautician...I am wondering if you use any chemicals which may be affecting your skin. If it is eczema...this can be a difficult condition to it can be chronic.

Here is a post I wrote about hand eczema you may wish to read.

You may have to seek the help of another doctor if your current one is not able to treat you effectively. Getting a second opinion may be the answer. Are you currently seeing a dermatologist or a general practitioner?

Let us know if you find any answers on this.

Thank you for your question.


Answered by Merely Me