Natural Remedies For The Liver: Do They Work?

by Nirah Johnson Patient Expert

Our liver filters out and excretes toxins from our body. We often ask what we can take to improve our liver health, but in fact: the less we take, the better. Less is more for the liver

There are some natural remedies that have been studied in reputable clinical trials and are found to be safe or beneficial to liver health. For example:

milk thistle

These remedies can reduce inflammation in the liver, which can help prevent liver damage. Advanced fibrosis or cirrhosis will not reverse completely. However, improving your liver health can help to manage even advanced disease.

Natural remedies will not cure viral hepatitis B or C

Hepatitis C can now be treated and cured through antiviral medication in less than 12 weeks with few side effects. Natural remedies may help to reduce inflammation, but will not cure Hep C.

There is currently no cure for Hepatitis B. About 30% of people with Hep B are recommended antiviral treatment to suppress viral activity and slow liver damage. The rest of people are able to live with the virus with minimal risk to the liver. Natural remedies may help to reduce inflammation, but will not cure Hep B.

Do your research

Taking herbs or alternative medicine could cause more liver problems, so it's important to discuss all remedies with your doctor before you start.

It's important to do your research before spending a lot of money on any remedy. As a health care advocate, I've seen people spend a lot of money on miracle cures that are unlikely to be effective.

Remember, with the liver, less is more!

Nirah Johnson
Meet Our Writer
Nirah Johnson

Nirah Johnson, LCSW, Director of Program Implementation & Capacity Building NYC Health Department, Viral Hepatitis Program serves as the lead organizer of the NYC Hep B Coalition and Hep C Task Force since 2007.