Body has natural cancer-fighting protein

A healthy immune system has the remarkable ability to identify and destroy threats to the body’s health. In the case of cancer, when the immune system identifies cells that could turn into cancer, it deploys a protein called TRAIL that causes the offending cells to, essentially, commit cell suicide. But as cancer progresses, the immune system becomes less able to identify and kill the invading cells making the body’s natural defense against cancer ineffective.

But now research published in Science Translational Medicine has found that a compound called TIC10 is able to bind itself to the TRAIL protein and boost its ability to fight invading cancer cells even after cancer has progressed through the body.

TIC10 appears to be harmless to other cells in the body and showed no adverse effects in mice, even at levels 10 times what is considered therapeutic. Researchers have gathered enough evidence to begin testing TIC10 on humans in clinical trials.

Sourced from: Medical News Today, Boosting Body's Natural Tumor-Fighting Protein May Aid Cancer Treatment