Nausea After Colostomy


Asked by Donna

Nausea After Colostomy

My father (81) suffered a perforated bowel after a colonoscopy. The colonoscopy was performed because he reported changed bowel habits. He underwent emergency surgery where they removed a section of the colon. Then a couple of weeks later he had to have surgery again because of adhesions and they removed more of the bowel. Between the two operations he suffered a urinary track infection and had also been nauseated either because of the infection or the adhesions (I am not sure). He lost a significant amount of weight over the six week stay in hospital but since going home has put on about six kg (in a period of about seven weeks). He continues however to vomit at first every ten days or so but in the last week, has been sick three times. This concerns him of course. The doctor has done blood tests and a CT scan but says nothing untoward is obvious. Any ideas? Would it only be diet even though he is careful about what he is eating and there appears to be no pattern involved as far as food, days between vomiting, other than he vomits in the mornings. Your help would be greatly appreciated.


Hello, Donna. Thank you for posting, and happy holiday. I'm sorry that your dad has been having so much difficulty.

This forum is dedicated to information and concerns related to inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). Though you haven't indicated that your father was found to have Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis, I'm guessing that you are writing because, frequently, people with severe and/or complicated IBD require ostomies, and you're looking for, perhaps, an ostomy tie-in to his present problems.

It seems from what you've written that the most recent surgery was at least a few months ago; well, I get the sense that enough time has passed that your father has fully recovered, surgically. So, I will assume that the nausea is not related to pain medication that was prescribed post-op. Is there some other new medication?

Other than that, I can not suggest what might be causing his complaints, as I don't see them related to the colostomy. ( )is an organization that you and your father may find helpful.

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