Neck Mri


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Neck Mri

Can a mri of the neck reveal ms lesions that do not show on a brain mri? My mri on my brain was clear and all the bloodwork came back okay. Today I had an mri on my neck, I have the films, but can't make hide nor hair of them.

I saw the neurologist on Tuesday. He looked at my brain mri and said it was clear so there is "no way I could possibly have ms". I would really like to believe that, and have tried so hard to do just that, but the little voice in the back of my head keeps reminding me about everything I experience that include so many of ms symptoms.

I know it's not an easy disease to diagnose, but what finally answers the yes or no part of the diagnosis?



That's good news that the brain is clear and that your bloodwork is good. But that doesn't help you in getting close to a definitive diagnosis. Have you undergone all of the testing described in this overview post?

I'm thinking of other tests such as lumbar puncture and evoked potentials.

But to your question. Yes, an MRI of the neck can reveal MS lesions separate from brain lesions. In fact, I continue to not have any brain lesions. My lesions are concentrated in my neck and middle back. I've even had optic neuritis several times, but my optic nerves continue to be free of permanent lesions.

When you get the radiologist's report back from the spinal MRI, you should know more. And keep asking the neurologist - if this isn't MS, what else could it be?

Answered by Lisa Emrich