Neck And Shoulder Pain Radiating Down Arms?


Asked by Sore Loser

Neck And Shoulder Pain Radiating Down Arms?

I have very severe neck and shoulder pain that radiates into the right side of my jaw down my arms to my hands. Is there a specific type of doctor I should see for this type of pain? My primary care doctor said it could be a pinched nerve and recommended massage, but I'd like to see a doctor who can treat this specific type of pain.


Pain that is not getting better should always be assessed by a physician, and if you haven't gotten to the bottom of this with your doctor, perhaps it is, in fact, time to find another doctor. If your doctor thinks massage is the answer, then a referral to a physical therapist would be in order. Other types of doctors that work with radiating pain include orthopedists and neurologists. Orthopedists deal with skeletal and muscular issues, and neurologists can diagnose and treat pain and mobility issues that are caused by problems with nerves in the body. These would be good places to start in getting to the bottom of your pain.

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