Necklace Doubles as “Food Coach”

In these highly efficient, modern times it probably comes as no surprise that it’s no longer enough for jewelry the be decorative. It needs a function, too.

And so with that in mind – we introduce the device called “AutoDietary.”

It’s a smart (if not so smart-looking) necklace in which a tiny microphone is embedded to listen in on how you eat. The little guy wraps around the back of the neck like a choker necklace, and the microphone records the sounds you make while you chew and swallow food, all from its position at the front of your neck.

The data is then sent to a smartphone via Bluetooth, where food types are recognized.

The AutoDietary is supported by a library that catalogues the unique sounds that foods make as you bite, grind, and swallow them. At the University of Buffalo there is an archive of the world’s first "food sound library."

The designers of the necklace believe that unlike the Fitbit, this device will effectively be able to monitor caloric intake, not just calories burned.

In addition, the researchers hope AutoDietary will identify the food being eaten and display nutritional information by screen. This would allow users to see how much sugar, fat, and other substances they’ve consumed, and how the body metabolizes them.

Sourced from: Medical Daily, A Necklace That Measures Caloric Intake? 'Autodietary' Hears What You Eat