Do I Need To Go To The Hospital?


Asked by Harriss

Do I Need To Go To The Hospital?

Here is a list of all of my symptoms. Some of these may not be symptoms, but I thought they were worth mentioning just incase. I do have an appointment on Monday with a Gastro, but I need to know if I can wait till then. I am worried that I have an Bleeding Ulcer.
Other symptoms.

Pain Under my rib on my left side on and off for a week. Probably a 3 on the pain scale.
Mark on rear end, (This seemed worth mentioning in case it's related to IBD.)

Urinary symptoms

Trouble starting flow. It seems to take a second or two to start. As far as I can tell this has been going on for a few weeks.

Going slightly more then normal. Or rather, going at very regular intervials. I.E: 3 times in 3 hours and then not for another 3 or 4 hours.

Foam and bubbles in urine. Can't be sure exactly when this started, but I'd say around the same time as I started going to the bathroom at night. Though it's possible there have been a few air bubbles for awhile now.

It occurs once or twice a day.

Going 1-2 times during bed time, usually around 4:00am. This has been occuring for about 2 weeks now.

Urine during bowel movements. Sometimes multiple times. I increased my fluid intake for awhile. But have decreased it again and am trying not to drink before bed time.

Blood with a sort of brown discharge mixed in which my mom thought was menstrual brake through. I also think this occured a week or two ago.

Pale Urine, I don't really think this is relevent as I think it's probably due to hydration.

Digestive symptoms

Mucus passed from anus during urination and also during an attempt to have a bowel movement. This mucus apperead to be clear and It seemed as though there might be blood mixed in. And there definitely seemed to be fecal matter mixed in.

Dark areas on stool. I think this is probably nothing, but I wanted to mention it. It happens from time to time. One time it was very dark streaks that were almost black, but I was when I was menstrating and attributed it to that.
I don't think I've ever passed a completely dark stool. But it's hard to say.

Bright red blood on toliet paper and possibly on stool. It seems slightly darker when on the stool, but I think I'd still classify it as bright red.
This symptom is unfortunately something that has been going on for awhile. So I can't be sure when it started. I'd say around the time I was 12.
This sometimes occurs when I wipe myself too hard, rather then directly after the bowel movement

Pale stool. Again I don't know when this started, but It doesn't seem to occur that often.

Diarrhia. Sometimes just lose stools, sometimes close to liquid. It tends to improve by the next bowel movement but seems to return in a few days.

Constipation, generally the kind where stool comes out in pieces and there is straining.

A need to returning to the toilet that tends to occur as I'm wiping myself.

Black flecks on stool and obvious Food debris in stool and on toliet paper as well as white stringy matter in my stool.

Anal pain after bowl movement. This does not occur frequently, but when it did it lasted for about an hour or so and the following day I noticed blood after a bowel movement.

Anal iching.

Gas. I was wondering if the tablets I'm taking could be increaseing this?


Floating stools. This seems to happen mostly when the stool is in small pieces. It doesn't happen often.

Possible Diseases:

Ulcertive Colitis
Gall Bladder stone
Kidney stone
Pelvic Floor disfunction
Intestinal infection
Chronic giardiasis



I know you are worried about your symptoms. You are having a lot of symptoms and only a doctor can determine your diagnosis. If you are concerned about your symptoms, you are in pain and your instincts tell you to see a doctor today, that is the best thing to do.

I am glad you have an appointment with a GI doctor. Try to organize your symptoms and observations so that you will remember to tell the doctor everything. If you have had tests, doctors appointments, treatments or medications, write down when the symptoms started, the treatments and tests so the doctor has a timeline.If you have any reports, lab results or scans/x rays, bring everything.

Make a list of your three biggest concerns: is it the pain under your rib cage? Something else? These are the things you want a treatment plan for right away.

Be sure to write back and let us know if you go to the ER today and what happens at the GI appt.

Best wishes,


Answered by Jan Gambino