I Need Help Desperatley.


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I Need Help Desperatley.

I need help desperatley. My wife has chronic pain and as a result the doctor gives her opana10mg and opana 20mg as well as methadone. A couple of days ago my friend Alan, who is a major pill addict and also happens to have the same doctor as my wife, came to my house in the morning. He was early so I had been woken up by him, and my wife was getting ready to go out. I went to the bathroom and came back downstairs and after a brief discussion of nothing in particular he left. After a couple of hours my wife went out and came back home and discovered that he had stolen five of her pills (opana). So I called his cell phone repeatedly and he would not answer. So I finally out of frustration left a message on his voice mail that he cannot come to my house and steal pills from my wife and just get away with it, if he does not call within the hour I will go to the police and tell them what you did. After a while of still not hearing from him, I decided to try being nice, and called again but this time I left another message that it is done and over with and I do not want to lose a friend over this, so please just call and explain what is going on and why he did this. So the next day I saw Alans sister who actually lives right next to me, and she said that he stole them because he found out that his girlfriend is pregnant, who is also addicted to pills, and she tried to get into a clinic to get help but she could not since she is pregnant, so they took those pills and snotred them and right after Alan went to a clinic but she is still home. So the next thing we hear is my wifes doctor calls her in for a count and of coarse she is 5 pills short because they stole them. She did not see the doctor yet, and wont until next friday 3/26 and will find out her fate if she is going to lose the pills or not. What can she do? She signed a contract and I guess she could lose them according to the nurse that did the count. She is not selling them, they got stolen. If need be she will file a report, but we really don't want to do that to him, since he is finally after years getting help, but I don't know if the doctor will beleive her otherwise. Does anyone have any ideas?


You are in quite a predicament. I think you have to file a police report in order for there to be any chance your wife's doctor will continue to treat her. He has no way of knowing or any reason to believe they were actually stolen unless you file a report.

I understand your concern for your friend, but you have to remember that he had no concern for you or your wife when he chose to steal her meds. He was willing to lose your friendship and possibly jeapordize your wifes ability to ever get pain medication again just to meet his and his girlfriend's "needs." Also, an important part of his rehab and recovery is facing the consequences for what he's done and making amends. In the long run, you're not doing him any favors by letting him get by with it. This is one of those situations that calls for tough love.

I'd also like to strongly recommend that from now on, your wife keep her opioid medications locked in a safe place that only you and she know about. I hope her doctor will agree to continue treating her, but if her meds were ever to be stolen again, I seriously doubt that he would do so again. The bottom line is, it's her responsibility to safeguard her medications and ensure that they are not misused. I know that may sound harsh, but that's how doctors look at it. They can't afford to take chances because they risk losing their licenses and possibily even being prosecuted.

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Good luck to you and your wife. I hope her doctor will be understanding.

Answered by Karen Lee Richards