Need Pain Relief From Pulled Groin Area. Unable To Walk, Bend Or Lift L Leg W/o Pain.


Asked by Lee Taylor

Need Pain Relief From Pulled Groin Area. Unable To Walk, Bend Or Lift L Leg W/o Pain.

I have constant collateral damage from Deg. Disc. Disease in L4, 5 & S1. I am post surgical Jan 06. Always it's a screaming sciatic nerve and numbness in L leg. Now it is a pulled groin, adductor, or mesiscus. Using an RX topical creamand 500 mg hydrocodones along w/ no more than 8 ibu's a day & icing. What else can I do to hurry the healing process. I am a golfer.


I have several golfers in my family, so I can understand your desire to get back out on the course. Since you continue to have various problems from the degenerative disc disease, I think you would benefit from finding a psyiatrist to treat you. They are doctors who specialize in physical and rehabilitative medicine. They're particularly good with back problems and sports-related injuries. And they tend to include treatments like physical therapy and therapeutic massage, which can be very good for problems such as yours.

There are also very specific stretching exercises you can do, but you have to be careful so that you're helping and not hindering the healing process. A physical or massage therapist should be able to teach you the appropriate exercises. They can also do things like ultrasound that may help speed your recovery.

One additional tip for future reference: To prevent further groin injury, before doing any exercise or activity, apply a heat pack to the area to loosen the muscles. Then afterwards, apply an ice pack to reduce any inflammation that may occur.

I hope you're back swinging that golf club soon!

Answered by Karen Lee Richards