I Have Needles And Pins In My Fingers And Lips,


Asked by heliene

I Have Needles And Pins In My Fingers And Lips,

I am batteling to concentrate and are extremely tired and emotional.

My head feels dizzy ongoing and I keep on forgetting things.

This is totally out of my normal behaviour.

I am a very precise person who remembers all detail usually.



Thanks for your question.

When trying to think of a common cause for symptoms affecting both hands and the lips, it is difficult to consider a structural abnormality such as a disc herniation of the neck which could affect both hands, but not the lips. Could there be a problem in the brain that is causing your symptoms? Though possible, it is very unlikely. A much more common situation that causes pins and needles in the hands, fingers and lips is hyperventilation, which reduces the level of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the blood and the brain. In addition to the above symptoms, it can affect emotions, thinking, and cause the feeling of fatigue. People do not have to exhibit noticeable deep breathing to have hyperventilation.

The next question is what is causing the hyperventilation? Various problems/diseases can result in metabolic acidosis (acidic level in the blood) and your body will try to correct this by "blowing off CO2" which helps to reverse the acidosis. But the most common cause is anxiety, which all people experience from time to time.

I suggest you make an appointment with your doctor for a full evaluation as soon as possible. He will perform a history and physical examination, as well as screening blood work, to check for any underlying medical problem. If all is negative, he may come to the conclusion that your symptoms are due to an anxiety disorder. The good news is: there are several medications available that effectively treat anxiety with minimal side effects.

So call your doctor now and make an appointment. Best wishes and feel better.

Martin Cane, M.D.