Nerve stimulation may ease migraines

Migraine sufferers may have new hope, thanks to a treatment through electrical nerve stimulation. A study published in the journal Neurology monitored 67 patients who suffered from migraines four times each month on average.

First, the patients receive no treatment at all for one month. Then, they were treated with either 20 minutes of electrical stimulation to the supraorbital nerve every day or were given a kind of placebo nerve stimulation treatment. After 20 months, the patients who received the  electrical stimulation suffered from significantly fewer migraines than people who received the placebo treatment.

The electrical stimulation appeared to have no adverse effects on the patient's brains.

Migraines are a form of moderate to severe recurring headaches--lasting for hours or even days—that cause excessive throbbing pain, nausea and sensitivity to light.  The World Health Organization estimates that 10 percent of the world’s adults suffer from migraine.

Sourced from: Medical News Today, Nerve Stimulator May Provide Effective Drug-Free Migraine Treatment