Can A Neurologist Help With Back Pain


Asked by brownbunny

Can A Neurologist Help With Back Pain

I have been having low back pain for a year now, was in the hospital and rehab to walk again, had a second MRI 2 weeks ago and don't understand it; the MRI said "There is a small disc osteophyte complex; the neural formina and spinal canal remains capacious.


In general, neurologist are usually only helpful if nerves are being irritated by a back problem. If you have pain, numbnes, and tingling in the legs, then a neurologist would be helpful. If you just have back pain, then a physiatrist would be more helpful.

Your MRI should be explained to you by the doctor who ordered the imaging study and who can actually read and confirm the radiologist's report. You need some straight talk about your MRI.

Dr. Christina Lasich, MD

Answered by Christina Lasich, MD