Neurontin And Lyrica Differences?


Asked by lmpc

Neurontin And Lyrica Differences?

Are Neurontin and Lyrica similar in how they work? How do they differ?


Both Neurontin and Lyrica are anti-convulsants. They have many similarities, but also some significant differences. Here is a link to a clinician's reference guide that compares the two medications: It refers to the medications by their generic names -; pregabalin is Lyrica and gabapentin is Neurontin.

In short, Lyrica is absorbed better and more quickly than Neurontin and can be taken in smaller doses. It appears this reference was written before Lyrica was approved for fibromyalgia since it does not mention FM.

One other thing not mentioned in the reference -; although both medications list weight gain as a possible adverse reaction, I've heard a lot more complaints of weight gain from people taking Lyrica than from those taking Neurontin.

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Answered by Karen Lee Richards