New Carpet Allergy - Itching Eyes, Tickle In Throat


Asked by Lollipop

New Carpet Allergy - Itching Eyes, Tickle In Throat

I had a carpet fitted two days ago in my bedroom which is 80% wool. Since then I have very itchy eyes and a tickle in my throat. Previously we had floorboards but with the cold spell my husband insisted on a carpet. It does look lovely and is a lot quieter to walk on (and cost a lot of money) so I don't really want to part with it. Do you think my symptoms will improve as I have read conflicting views that my symptoms are from "new carpet emissions" to being allergic to the actual carpet and having to take it up. Please help as it is causing me to feel unwell and upset. Many thanks.


It's hard to say from here what you're reacting to, but I can tell you that there are often chemicals in new carpet that can be very irritating and trigger nasal/eye allergy symptoms like those you describe. These chemicals should dissipate over time, so it's likely that symptoms would also improve, if that's what's the cause of how you are feeling.

I believe wool allergies tend to be more with the skin. Still, you may want to consult a doctor to be sure of what is really going on in your body.

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Answered by Kathi MacNaughton