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Dr. Peter Goadsby

One of the most exciting events in the history of migraine treatment is occurring right now - the development of a new class of medications for migraine prevention. At this time, we have no medications for migraine prevention that were originally developed for that purpose. Not one. Every medication we use is a "hand-me-down" medication, originally developed for another condition.

This new class of medications are called Calcitonin Gene-Related Peptide (CGRP) monoclonal antibodies. When I first heard about the research going on to develop these medications, I had lots of questions. What's CGRP? How do these medications work? Antibodies for migraine prevention? As I learned more about these new medications, I became more and more excited. Could we at last have preventive treatments that were actually developed for migraine prevention? It's looking very promising.

There are times when researchers and migraine specialists can explain topics better than I can. This is one of those times, so we asked Dr. Peter Goadsby to explain CGRP and this new class of medications. Dr. Goadsby is a professor of neurology and directory of the clinical research facility at Kings College in London and a professor of neurology and director of the headache center at the University of California San Francisco. Here's a video of what he shared with us:

You can find more information about the new CGRP medications in development in New Class of Migraine Preventives Raises Excitement and Hope.

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