New Drug Approved for Migraine Attacks

Patient Expert

The FDA has approved a new prescription medication for the acute treatment of Migraine attacks, Cambia, developed by Kowa Pharmaceuticals America (KPA). Cambia is a combination of diclofenac (brand name Voltaren), a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) and  potassium bicarbonate. In clinical trials, Cambia was shown to be effective for adults who have Migraine with and without aura.

Cambia is a powder that's mixed with water for form a liquid medication. Clinical studies  indicate Cambia  may be a good  first line  medication choice  for acute  Migraine attacks due to its  quick onset of pain relief. Patients and doctors alike agree that  fast relief time is very important, and the trials show pain relief time in 15 to 30 minutes.   In clinical trials, Cambia was shown effective in treating  photophobia (intensified sensitifity to light), phonophobia (intensified sensitivity to sound), and  nausea during a Migraine attack.  Other symptoms during a Migraine may include dizziness, fatigue, and visual disturbances. Continue reading more about the possible phases of a Migraine attack and their associated symptoms in this article: _Anatomy of a Migraine _.

KPA obtained exclusive U.S. and Canadian marketing rights for Cambiaâ„¢ from Applied Pharma Research (APR), a Swiss drug delivery and drug development company, in 2005. The product is currently marketed by Novartis Pharma AG, via a license from APR, under the trademarks Voltfast or Catafast in several European countries. KPA and APR have been granted patents that cover Cambiaâ„¢ through 2026. KPA and APR are currently in the final stages of negotiations with a marketing partner and expect Cambiaâ„¢ to launch in 4th quarter 2009.

Over 36 million Americans suffer from Migraine disease. It is the 12th most disabling disorder in the country. Continued clinical trials such as this  research  funded by  the Migraine Research Foundation (see _MRF Research Study Published in JAMA _) will get us closer to more treatment choices and more answers to  our Migraine disease concerns.



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