New Forteo Delivery Device

Eli Lily has released a new pen (delivery device) with updated and easier to use design and user steps.

I recently received a letter from Eli Lily announcing the release of this new delivery device for injecting Forteo ®--even though I had finished my two year treatment with it--I was excited to read about the changes that were made in the design of the pen, and the elimination of the priming step which was used on the original pen.

I didn't have many problems  preparing the pen for  the injection, but I couldn't say my experience was trouble free, because the priming step was easy to mess up, if you weren't constantly following the user manual.   Most people tire of reading the user manual everyday, because it really seemed like the description was much more confusing than the actual steps.   After you've injected the drug for a week or two, you really could proceed each day without having to drag out the user manual, plus there was the problem of locating it if you didn't return it to the box each day like you are suppose to.

If you are on Forteo ®, you should be getting or already using the new pen since it was released in October 2008 in the U.S only.

Over my two years of treatment, I constantly talked to other patients that had varying types of problems with the pen and its many steps.   Due to patients' problems and concerns with the use of the pen, Eli Lily decided to make a more easy to use pen that would resolve the problems that were reported.

Eli Lily conducted a clinical trial, eight weeks in length with 106 patients, to compile the experiences of those involved in the use of the new pens design.   At the end of the trial participants filled out questionnaires that asked various questions on the ease of use and the results were:

Ninety-eight percent (98%) agreed that this delivery device was easy to learn how to use.

Ninety-eight percent (98%) agreed that it was easy to administer FORTEO with the new delivery device.

Ninety-one percent (91%) agreed they would be less reluctant to take injections using the new delivery device.

What's New With The Pen?

The pen is fatter, making it easier to handle and see, especially if you have any arthritis in your hands, or if your vision has worsened, like mine.

The priming and dialing steps were eliminated, which is great for those who mistakenly injected the primed medicine rather than discarding it as you are instructed to do.   The prime step releases a small pre-measured amount of the medication, which prepares the pen for the next step of injection; if you injected the primed step medication accidentally you wouldn't receive the correct dose amount.   If this ever happened to you, there was nothing you could do to correct it, all you could do was wait until the next day and make sure you didn't make the mistake again, because you couldn't give yourself a second dose because that would be too much medicine within 24 hours.

If you have just started Forteo, thinking about it, or are a continuing user, please follow the instructions that come with the new pen.   This new design will make the process much easier compared to the older version.

For a video and pictures of the new pen see this link from Eli Lily.   To access the link you must first log in with your password that is on the front of your user id card.

If you are planning on traveling, see the travel letter from Eli Lily which you can print and have your Doctor fill out.   When traveling with Forteo, you need to have this letter, plus a travel bag that comes with freezable gel packs.

If your insurance doesn't cover Forteo ®, or you are in the Medicare cover gap, contact Eli Lily at 1-866-4FORTEO to discuss their patient assistance programs.