New Line of Sexy, Sleek Underwear Protects Against Incontinence


The Australian company, ConfiTEX, recently launched an underwear line specifically for men and women who suffer from incontinence. The designs offer lingerie-style underwear for women, as well as sporty boxers for men. It’s made with material that is stylish, comfortable, and most of all, offers protection against symptoms.

In the U.S., incontinence is estimated to affect between eight and 10 percent of the population. This estimate could be greater, as many people are often reluctant to talk about their symptoms due to embarrassment.

ConfiTEX was founded by two avid skiers, who got their start by designing performance underwear for athletes. So, it comes as no surprise that the fashion line targets those who lead very active lifestyles. These people often suffer from stress incontinence that can accompany lifting, varied exercise and muscle movements, or even laughing.

For women, the underwear is embellished with lace, offering a comfortable yet, flirty look. The men’s incontinence line is bold and sleek, resembling high quality sportswear found on the rack. Both lines, however, are designed with high-tech sports fabric that pulls away moisture, as well as absorbs fluid, up to a cup a day.

The bladder of most adults can hold more than two cups of fluid, but those with stress incontinence can leak a few drops to a few tablespoons during activity. Stress incontinence occurs when the pressure from muscle contractions are too much for the muscles of the bladder, which causes the bladder to accidentally leak. Many of those who suffer from incontinence may struggle with feeling confident or sexy while active. Some may even stop activity altogether, out of fear of having an embarrassing episode.

The founders say they aim to promote a newfound sense of confidence in incontinence sufferers with their product - giving way to the brand’s name, ConfiTEX. After friends and family began speaking up about their personal bladder issues, the founders discovered that their sportswear technology could help solve a bigger problem. They got to work on designing underwear that was absorbent enough to help with incontinence moisture.

Aside from style, the undergarments can offer those active for long periods of time, such as cyclists, marathon runners and athletes, a way to perform or train without having to worry about frequent bathroom breaks. The developers have been happy to see the ‘life-changing’ impact their line has had, particularly for men.

Most of all, the developers are proud to offer a product that has a minimal impact to the environment. Compared to adult pads and diapers that have to be thrown out and take years to degrade, the ConfiTEX line is reusable and made in part with an eco-safe bamboo-based material.

ConfiTEX is currently available online and can ship worldwide.