New Ointment Therapy for Anogenital Warts

Health Writer

HPV is one of THE most common sexually transmitted diseases.    One presentation of HPV (human papillomavirus) is external anogenital warts.   These warts tend to be bothersome and sometimes painful and currently the topical creams and surgical treatments available can be less than ideal, with painful side effects and a recurrence rate after treatment that is quite high.   So researchers set out to test Veregen, a topical ointment that harnesses** green tea extract** as a primary ingredient.   After all, tea polyphenols are now being used in a variety of foods, creams and other products, and of course tea is now heralded as a "health elixir."

This study divided 495 patients into 3 groups.   One group got 10% Veregen ointment, another group got** 15% Veregen** while the third group got an alternative ointment.     After 16 weeks the two groups getting the Veregen ointment showed significant improvement with clearance of the anogenital warts. In fact, 57% of the patients who received 15% Veregen had total clearance of warts, 56% of the patients who got Veregen 10% ointment had total clearance of warts, while only 37% of the group that received the alternate ointment showed complete clearance.   The big difference was that at the 4 week point, the 15% Veregen ointment had already cleared the warts in most patients and it was incredibly superior to the alternate ointment.   Also, there was a very low rate of anogenital wart _recurrenc_e with the two Veregen versions.

The most common side effect from the ointment was local itching.   In all, 80% of the two Veregen groups had some low grade side effects.   So this is a new, exciting and viable treatment for anogenital warts.   Talk to your doctor if you suffer from this condition and see if this treatment option is right for you.

Do you suffer from anogenital warts?? What do you currently use for treatment??