Bicycle seat can protect from genital damage

Sitting for long hours on a bicycle seat can be incredibly uncomfortable, not to mention that It can cause chafing, pain and other damage to the genital area. But now scientists from the University of Alicante in Spain have developed a hinged, articulated bike saddle that they can say can prevent prevent these problems, as well as protecting against impotence and prostatitis. The bike saddle joins the narrow front and the wider back areas, where the front is mobile and the back is fixed, leading to a more comfortable ride.

This new saddle allows riders to rest and recover without suffering intense compression in their genital areas.  Where the traditional seat puts consistent pressure on the soft tissues of the body, the new saddle separates itself from the riders' sensitive areas.  A normal bike seat can compress nerves and arteries and  lead to problems associated with blood supply, but this design allows users to make lateral movements while dramatically reducing that pressure.

The designers say that the rider would not lose balance control or handling, and that the saddle still carries the versatility of a normal bike seat.  They also claim that their design can provide advantages on downhill rides, as the front of the seat is mobile. That would allow the rider to lower him or herself into a more aerodynamic position.

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Sourced from: Science Daily, Novel Bicycle Saddle Prevents Chafing, Pain and Other Damage Associated With the Genital Area