New Device Detects Gluten in Food

A startup company in California has developed a portable device that allows people with a gluten sensitivity or allergy to detect gluten in foods at restaurants. The device is accurate enough to test foods and beverages down to 20 parts per million, which is the FDA requirement for gluten-free products.

The device is about half the size of a cell phone. A small amount of the food or beverage is placed into a cartridge and loaded into the device, which measures the reaction between antibodies and gluten. In about 2 minutes, a happy face icon is displayed if no gluten is detected, or a wheat icon with the words "gluten found" appears on the screen.

According to developers, the company is also designing an iPhone app to allow users to share results. The gluten detectors are expected to ship to consumers by the end of 2016. Beginning in 2017, the company also hopes to provide portable devices to detect other allergens, including peanuts and milk proteins.

Image Credit: Thinkstock

Sourced from: Reuters, Want to detect gluten on the go? There's a device for that