New drug designed to reduce binge drinking's impact on brain

A team of European researchers say they have developed and succesfully tested a new drug that can reduce the impact of binge drinking on the brain.

Scientists based at universities in Louvain in Belgium, Florence in Italy and Huddersfield and London in the UK, have discovered that when a drug called ethane-beta-sultam is administered to rats on a 'binge drinking' regime, it reduces the brain cell loss and inflammation that normally result from bouts of heavy binge drinking and can lead to decreased memory. These effects can cause long-term damage, particularly to teenagers, whose brains are still in the process of development.

Brain functions are impaired by alcohol and this is accompanied by inflammation and loss of cells in the brain. However, the effects were reduced or returned to normal in the rats that also received the new compound.

The findings were reported in an article published by the Journal of Alcoholism and Drug Dependence.

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Sourced from: Science Daily, Drugs to reduce side effects of "binge drinking" developed