New Helmet Could Keep Cyclists Safer

Cars have rearview mirrors to give drivers the ability to see things behind them, helping to prevent accidents. In the future, bicyclists may have 360-degree vision thanks to the Optic helmet designed by a British company called DCA to improve bicycle safety.

The helmet’s features include front and back cameras and a drop-down visor that can live-stream video from the rear-facing camera into the cyclist’s vision field. The visor also will be able to display proximity alerts—to notify the rider if another vehicle is passing, for example—and will combine information from both cameras and front and back sensors to warn the cyclist of a potential collision. Additional features will include GPS and performance tracking ability.

For now, the Optic helmet is just a concept. It’s unclear if and when it will be available to consumers. One option—a first step, perhaps—might be to develop a system kit that can be fitted and attached to existing helmets.

Image Credit: DCA

Sourced from: Live Science, Augmented-Reality Helmet Could Give Cyclists Extra Eyes on the Road