New stroke treatment increases chance of recovery

Strokes can be devastating and debilitating, but new research from the University of Leicester in the U.K. may have uncovered a means to improving the chances of recovery by as much as 20 percent.  The researchers have found that dramatically lower blood pressure in patients suffering from intracerebral hemorrhage – the most serious type of stroke - may provide an avenue towards recovery.

Using data from 140 hospitals from around the world for a total of 2,800 patients, the study looked at how patients reacted to different treatment options.  If blood pressure was reduced within six hours of a bleeding-related stroke, the chances of patients staying alive and maintaining the ability to function independently both increased.

This treatment has generally been relegated to cases of extreme medical emergency, though implementation may not be difficult since medications that lower blood pressure are widely available in hospitals. The researchers involved in the study believe that their findings could help change the way brain bleeding is treated, and that that could save more lives of stroke victims.

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Sourced from: Science Daily, New Treatment for Stroke Set to Increase Chances of Recovery