New Urine Test May Replace Drawing Blood

New research from scientists at Clemson University in South Carolina shows how a newly developed urine test may lessen the need to draw blood to diagnose certain conditions. The research, published in the journal Proteomics - Clinical Applications, suggests that trace amounts of protein byproducts of diseases and drugs can be detected in urine, which can lead to the diagnosis of several diseases.

The team explains that at the center of the new test is material called “capillary-channeled polymer fiber” or C-CP fiber that helps to extract the proteins in an efficient way prior to screening. Currently, it is not easy to find these proteins because of the high amount of salt in urine.

To conduct their study, the researchers packed the C-CP fibers into plastic tubes and then passed urine samples through them in a centrifuge spinning for 30 seconds. From here, they conducted a process to extract the purified proteins from the C-CP fibers, finishing with 12 samples. The whole process took around five minutes.

Another researcher commenting on the study notes that the development of this new test is a significant breakthrough because urine is a better biomarker source than blood in detecting early onset diseases.

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Sourced from: Medical News Today, New urine test may lessen need to draw blood