Could Nexium Be Causing An Increase In My Migraines?


Asked by Patti

Could Nexium Be Causing An Increase In My Migraines?

I was recently prescribed 40mg of Nexim for a stomach ulcer. I've had a headache every day since. Medication helps only to have it returen a few hours later. Today it was a full blown migraine and I had to inject myself with Imitrex. Could the Nexium cause an increase in my migraines? Prior to taking Nexium, I was only getting 2 or 3 migraines a month.


Hi Patti,

One of Nexium's potential side effects is headache. How many days a week do you take something to relieve these headaches? Taking any kind of pain medications in addition to Migraine abortive meds such as triptans or ergotamines -- prescription or over-the-counter -- more than two or three days a week can make matters worse by causing medication overuse headache (MOH), aka rebound. See Medication Overuse Headache - When the Reme****dy Backfires for more information on this.

Or Nexium may be the problem, or your Migraine pattern may be changing. You could try keeping a Migraine diary and see if that will help you narrow down what triggers and medications are helping your attacks. Click HERE for our free diary.

Good luck