Should I Take Nexium with Chlorells and BifiDo?


Asked by John

Should I Take Nexium Or Other Meds While I Take Digestive Enzymes, Chlorells & Bifido. It Dose Help.

I have Barrett's with a hiatal hernia. My Esophageal Motility Study shows I have week muscles. The Bravo Capsule test showed 342 refluxes in 48 hours. The acid was very bad also. I was not eating the right meals at the time.Nexium or any other pills do not seem to do much any more. I am on a liquid vegetable & fruit diet now and trying to take things from the heath store with not much help. Should I take the Nexium while I take the digestive enzymes, Chlorella & Bifido? It dose help some. What else can I possibly do to help my problem? I have lost 44 pounds now I weigh 139 lb. I do not won't to have the fundoplication surgery.


Hello John,

Barrett's is very serious and you need to discuss your concerns with your doctor. As far as I know, Nexium or another PPI are considered the standard treatment. Certainly a diet that reduces reflux triggers and losing weight are all good strategies. Has the doctor suggested sleeping on a wedge or elevating the head of the bed?

Be careful about the fruits you are eating-some fruits are very acidic and can trigger symptoms.

So if the current treatment is not reducing the symptoms, it is time to see the doctor again.

Jan Gambino

The Reflux Mom

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