Nexium And Zantac Together "Forever"


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Nexium And Zantac Together "Forever"

I am taking 300mg of Ranitindine AND (2) 40mg a day, of Nexium but the doctor I am going to hasn't told me anything except that I have GERD, is it safe to take this much medicine for extended periods of time? He put the refills good until Jan 2013...


I agree that these are high doses and that the benefits vs. risks need to be considered. I was concerned about taking a proton pump inhibitor long term and switched over to high doses of H2 blockers. At one point I was taking 300 mg of Zantac twice a day. I then switched to Pepcid (also an H2 blocker) and managed for a while before I had to go back on a PPI. The risk of bone loss concerns me for long term use of the PPIs and I would rather be on the lowest medication necessary. But, at the same time the risk of bleeding from a stomach ulcer or Barrett's esophagus/esophageal cancer also needs to be considered.

Surgery is an option especially when medication is either not working or the side effects are too great. Again though, the benefits vs. risk for both long term medication vs. surgery need to be considered.

Best of Luck - Stephanie

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