Nipple Discharge Occurred Right After Foreplay


Asked by Rita1985

Nipple Discharge Occurred Right After Foreplay

My husband does breast sucking during foreplay. Last night I tried to squeeze my nipples and I had nipple discharge in the form of few white & clear water droplets from my 3 to 4 tiny nipples openings. Should I worry about this? Is this a sign of breast cancer? Do I allow my husband to continue this with me during foreplay? Kindly suggest me I am so confused. Thanks


Rita, this discharge is almost certainly not a sign of anything serious. Many women experience it, and it's nearly always hormonal; especially when the discharge is white or clear. It could definitely be related to foreplay (which isn't dangerous, by the way); the sucking imitates what a baby does when nursing, and could stimulate you breasts hormonally enough to cause the discharge. Please read our post on nipple discharge; I think you'll find it informative. Good luck - PJH

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