Nipple Discharge After Excisional Biopsy


Asked by endryer

Nipple Discharge After Excisional Biopsy

In April, I noticed a lump in my breast and my GP sent me to have an ultrasound (they did not do a mammagram because I am 28). The ultrasound showed that it was fluid filled and I went in to see a surgeon to have it drained. After poking me numerous times he was unable to drain the cyst so he reevaluated and stated that it must be a solid mass and it should come out. I had surgery and the doctor removed the solid mass and a cyst next to the mass. All the tests came back fine and I did not have breast cancer. It has been a couple months since my surgery and the scar looks really good but it is like the lump was never removed. Under the scar is still a huge solid mass. Is this normal scar tissue? Also, just the other day I was examining my scar and the lump underneath it when a very dark brown liquid substance came out of my nipple (the same breast I had surgery on). I was able to recreate it by squeezing my nipple but it pretty much occured on its own the first time. Is this normal due to my ducts being cut during surgery? It only came out of one duct and when I squeezed it clear liquid came out of the left side and the dark brown came out of the right.


Sounds like you need to report this lump to the surgeon; s/he should be able to determine if this is scar tissue, possibly another cyst, a fibroadenoma, or what. There are many causes for nipple discharge, most hormonal. This would be something you'd ask your OB/GYN or regular doctor about, OK? Good luck - PJH

Answered by PJ Hamel