Why Do my Nipples Get Hard when I'm Cold?


Asked by brogers

My Nipples Get Hard When I'm Cold And My Breasts Hurt - Why?

When it's cold out, sometimes my nipples get hard and my breasts hurt VERY bad. I haven't felt any lumps but it worries me as both of my grandmothers had breast cancer. What could be causing this pain?


First, don't worry about your breast cancer risk being increased due to your family history; unless your mother or a sister had breast cancer, your risk isn't appreciably increased. Top of Form
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First, don't worry about your Fir

Since this breast pain is happening on both sides, it wouldn't be a breast cancer symptom. And, it's good that you don't feel any breast lumps. Understand, your nipples are extremely sensitive, with lots of nerve endings, and cold can bother them a lot. Perhaps your nipples are transmitting this sensitivity and pain to your entire breast. Please read our post on nipple pain and soreness for more on this.

Try keeping your nipples extra-warm when you go outside, to prevent them being exposed to more cold than they like. And, since this seems to be bothering you a lot, I'd suggest you see a doctor - preferably a breast specialist, who may be able to determine what's going on, and suggest a remedy.

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