My Nipples Have Little Red Dots Around Them


Asked by LoserONE

My Nipples Have Little Red Dots Around Them

So my boyfriend sucked on my nipple and now there are red dots all around it and its swollen. How long does it take to go away? Can I make them go away faster? Because I'm kinda young and I can't let my parents see it. They would kill me and him.


Hi - Your nipples are a very sensitive part of your body, their skin easily irritated - as you've discovered. The swelling and dots should abate quite quickly, I'd think, unless they were treated quite roughly. Try putting cold compresses on them (a wet washcloth wrapped around ice would be a cold compress). And please think twice about doing things your parents would "kill you" about. They're trying to do the best for you, and if you believe they'd be really angry about this - there's a reason, and perhaps you'd better listen to them. Good luck - PJH

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