Is Nissan Fundoplication Really Safe?


Asked by rahjcc

Is Nissan Fundoplication Really Safe?

Getting ready for this surgery after months of testing and years of proton pump inhibitor taking. (Bravo Probe revealed very high acid levels of 64 points and my esophagus was very inflamed with ulcerations). My insurance denied NDO procedure, but will pay for surgery. I am concerned about the after effects. Is the vomiting issue (can't vomit if you get sick) really an issue and how does that work? Also, I need to have endoscopies done yearly. Does the surgery effect that?


Hi rahjee,

You can read about a user named Karla here in her sharepost regarding her Nissan Fundoplication surgery last year. You can also read more about the surgery itself and the alternatives here in the treatments database.

Take care and stay in touch! Let us know how your surgery turns out and how you are doing!

Vicki M