No Migraines for five years. Came back. Can Migraines sleep?

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Hello! I had migraine with aura attacks between the age 12-15. I am now 20 years old and have not had to worry about them for some time now, as I haven't had an attack in 5 years. The problem is that recently I had a strong headache (nowhere near as strong as the ones I used to get but stronger than the normal ones all people get) and since then I have been asking myself the question: Has my migraine disappeared altogether, or is it just "asleep" (CAN it be asleep? ) and I should keep my guard up? From what I've read so far, Migraine can disappear after, for example, pregnancy or menopause, but can it just disappear by itself? Just like that? Can it reappear again? Liliya.

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Dear Liliya;

Yes, Migraine can "sleep" for periods of time. There can be a number of reasons for this:

  • For women, hormonal fluctuations can be a factor in Migraines increasing or decreasing.
  • For those with few triggers, it could be a matter of having gotten away from them for a period of time. For example - if weather changes are a primary trigger, someone might move to an area of the country where the weather changes aren't as dramatic or frequent. Or, it's possible to develop new triggers.
  • Overall health can play a part too. We're more susceptible to our triggers when we're less healthy.

The reasons for Migraine increasing or decreasing aren't always known, but those are a few examples.

You mention headaches, but it's not clear if they're Migraines or headaches. In either case, with this change in your pattern, it's advisable to see your doctor to be sure about what these headaches are and that there's nothing else going on that could need medical attention.

Good luck,
John Claude Krusz and Teri Robert

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