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The Vitamin Complex Migraine Cure: No, No, No!

This image is taken from a corner of the home page of a web site selling a migraine cure. Well, I added the red "X," but if you've read much of my work, that comes as no surprise to you.

Since this site sells the information about their "cure" in the form on a downloadable PDF document, I'm writing this up as a book review. I hope the authors of the "real" books here will understand that the "author" of this document doesn't deserve to be listed with them, but this has to go somewhere.

I originally came across the site when someone emailed and asked me to check it out. The word "cure" on the site was an immediate warning that the person who wrote the site was either misinformed, or it was a scam. In either case, the price tag was $9.95, and I decided it was worth it to see what was going on and report on it to other Migraineurs. Interestingly enough, when I went back to the site today to check on something as I write this, the price has increased to $19.95.

So, just what did I get for my $9.95?

For my $9.95, I got a five-page PDF document entitled "No More Migraine," written by John Benak and bearing a 2009 copyright by Kimand Trading. Without violating the copyright, I can quote a bit from "No More Migraine:"

"The solution I had found to cure my migraine!"

"Yes I am using the word CURED because I have been free of migraines for the past 15 months. Right now is September of 2009."

"This solution will not harm anyone not even children that suffer from migraine."

And, what is his miracle "cure?"

I'm not going to be specific, but it's a vitamin complex, a specific brand. He reports that when he tried a different brand with a slightly different formulation, his Migraines returned.

The problems with "No More Migraine" and the web site

• Obviously, this specific brand of vitamin complex is working well for Benak. That said, it hasn't cured Migraine disease; it's acting as a very effective preventive for him.

• The statement, "This solution will not harm anyone not even children that suffer from migraine," canNOT be made safely. Thus is should not be made. (Please see Supplements for Migraine - They ARE Drugs.")

• Nothing works for everyone for Migraine prevention.

• John Benak is charging people $9.95 or $19.95 to tell them to take a vitamin complex, AND he's calling it a "cure."

• The site uses some pieces of art work that have been copied from other web sites. I have identified the source of one piece, a piece created as "Migraine art," and am notifying the artist.

My communication with Benak

Possibly since the email address with which I made my purchase leads to my personal web site,, Benak emailed me, asking me to link to his site from mine. His email included information about his personal situation that, under normal circumstances, I wouldn't publish. However, since he has posted this to forums, I have no compunction about doing so:

"I am just starting out with this site and this discovery hopefully allows me not to loose my house after not being able to find a job. I am at the stage where I am going to remodel my van inside to make it habitable and me and my wife can move in if all else fails. Although with a laptop I can operate out of it but it's not a dream. It's a bugger to get old and not finding a job."

I replied to him, being honest with my objections to his site and claiming a "cure." In his first reply, he said he didn't use the word "cure." When I pointed out two places on the main page of his site where the word was being used, he replied:

"You are right. I forgot about those. i am changing them in a minute. Cheers."

Benak did remove the word cure from the site for a few days. As I write this, it's back again.


Benak isn't unintelligent. He's intelligent enough to know the difference between and effective preventive treatment and a "cure." Yet, even after removing the word "cure" from his site, he put it back.

There's no way of knowing if what he's telling people about his personal situation is true, so let's give him the benefit of the doubt and say it is. That doesn't excuse him calling this vitamin complex a "cure." Nor does it excuse his putting together a little five-page PDF document that reveals this to be his "cure" and charging people $9.95 - $19.95 for it. He is preying upon people who have the very disease he claims to have, and it's just wrong.

Here's a four-word summary for you: Don't waste your money.

Ranking: 0 stars out of 5 possible. This is a first for me. I have never given a 0 rating before.


Bekak, John. "No More Migraine." Kimand Trading. 2009.

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