No such thing as left or right brained people

It’s become conventional wisdom to describe people as either “right-brained” or “left-brained.” But new research from the University of Utah concludes that the idea that the side of the brain we use most often determines our personality is one big myth,

The thinking has been that the left side of a person’s brain is associated with logical, analytical and detail-oriented behavior, while the right is associated with creative, thoughtful and subjective thinking.  But the researchers say they found no evidence that a people show a particular “preference” for one side of their brains.

This study was conducted over a two- year period, using a pool of 1,011 people, aged seven to 29.  The study participants had the functional lateralization of their brains measured, which evaluates which parts of the brain are used during specific mental processes.  Resting measurements were taken through MRI scans, which were then compared to the brain activities of other study participants.  The researchers then divided the brain into 7,000 regions and analyzed which regions showed more activity.

The results reflected some patterns indicating that a brain connection may be strongly left or right, but the scientists found nothing to suggest that individuals “preferentially” used their left-brain or right-brain more often.

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Sourced from: Medical News Today, 'No such thing' as left or right brained people