Can You Take A Non-smoking Pill Like Chantix While Taking Celexa


Asked by Sue

Can You Take A Non-smoking Pill Like Chantix While Taking Celexa

I take Celexa 20mg daily. I really need to quite smoking but need to know of any adverse reactions to taking a non-smoking pill like Chantix with my Celexa.


Hi Sue!

My best advice would be to ask this question of your doctor or even call your local pharmacist to see if there are any interactions between these two drugs.

I will point you to some literature I have found to research your question. First of might want to visit the official site for Chantix which you can find here. They do state that you need to be aware that Chantix can cause depressive symptoms. A similar question was asked on Health Central about Champix and you can read the answers here.

Here is a site discussing possible drug interactions which you may find [here.]( drug interactions)

The following site probably has the most interesting information of all. This is a thread of comments about the use of Chantix and Champix while taking anti-depressants. You may find this very candid discussion here.

I think anyone who tries to quit smoking has a ton of patience and courage. My three pack a day mother tried to quit smoking years ago and had some success going to a hypnotist.

I wish you the best of luck. Do be cautious and ask your doctor or pharmacist first before taking the two drugs together. Thank you for your question!

Answered by Merely Me