Normal Blood Pressure With High Pulse Rate


Asked by Christina

Normal Blood Pressure With High Pulse Rate

Female, 27 yrs old. I have a normal blood pressure, but my high pulse rate of 110-120 worries me. What can cause this?


Hello christina,

A high pulse rate, or tachycardia in medical terms, is generally considered anything over 100 beats per minute.

In a young person like yourself, fast heart rates are caused by more benign diseases than in older people; of course, that is not to say that your heart rate is normal. Several common causes of fast heart rate include anxiety and panic disorders, hyperthyroidism, low red blood cell count/anemia, and an infection. There are many other causes of tachycardia, however.

You should make an appointment soon with your physician to discuss your fast heart rate. He will likely take some blood work and get an electrocardiogram to help determine the cause of your symptoms.

To your health,

Neil MD