Is It Normal To Have Spotting 4-6 Months After My Last Period?


Asked by shell

Is It Normal To Have Spotting 4-6 Months After My Last Period?

I had 4 days of pinkish spotting during (what I am guessing I am going through... I am 51) menopause at 140 days then I am blood spotting at 189 days today... not sure if I will have a period or not but if I do should I worry since I had the pink spotting at 140 days? Should I worry with the blood spotting? should I still be counting or should I start over. I know menopause is 12 full months of no periods... I'm not sure what you consider pink or blood spotting. I didn't start counting over with the pink because it was so minor but should I start counting over?

I am uninsured so seeing a doctor is not an option unless this means there is definitely something wrong.


No, Shell, it's not unusual to spot for months after having what seemed like your last period. It can take a long time for some women to stop completely. I would count from the last time you had red blood. The time to consult a doctor is when you are having irregular bleeding/spotting over a period of a few days, stop, spot again days later, stop, skip 2 wks, spot again. But what you describe sounds like the normal winding down of your menstrual cycle.


Answered by Sandy Greenquist