Is It Normal For A 14 Year Old Girl To Wet Herself When She Gets Scared


Asked by nikki

Is It Normal For A 14 Year Old Girl To Wet Herself When She Gets Scared

i was scared really bad when this boy pulled a knife out at school he didn't hurt anyone he just wanted to scare me and my friends i was so scared that i wet myself in fear i felt a warm liquid running down my legs and everybody started laughing and pointing suddenly i realized that it was me peeing myself i began to cry the worst part was that i was wearing a skirt so everyone seen the urine dribble down my legs i don't wanna go to school anymore because of the embarrassment what should i do? HELP


I'm sorry to hear about this incident - it must have been terrifying. I've heard about this happening to other people - they become very scared and lose control over their bladder and/or bowel. If you don't have any other problems with leaking urine, I would assume that it was probably just a one-time incident caused by the extreme stress and fear that you were feeling.

I know that having an accident like this can be very, very embaressing. All I can say is that if you ask any adult, they'll tell you that at least one really, really embaressing thing happened to them as they were growing up, and even though it was hard they stuck it out and eventually everyone got over it. In a few weeks or months everyone will be talking about someone else, so just hang in there!

Answered by Jasmine Schmidt