My Nose Itches And Even Under My Eyes


Asked by Sapna

My Nose Itches And Even Under My Eyes

i have a very wierd problem...Some parts of my face,along with my nose and the region under the eye itch...Im using claritin now....i do see improvement...but i have been having this problem from almost a year....

I just began taking Claritin few days ago....i dnt know what exactly the problem is....How long should i take Claritin...Do u think i really have allergy or is it soemthing else...


Hi Sapna, Facial itching may be a symptom of an allergic reaction from contact of a substance with your skin. The substance may be a food, drug, chemical, or residue from a plant or animal. Other possible explanations include itching associated with eating certain foods or taking medications or supplements. Soaps, shampoos and lotions may trigger facial itching after being applied to the skin. You see, there are several possibilities. Several questions need to be answered in order to have a better idea of what is causing your problem. If your nose is itching on the inside, you may have allergic rhinitis. I wonder if you have other signs of allergic rhinitis (runny nose, sneezing, post-nasal drip). Is the skin under your eyes dark? This would suggest that you have a common facial feature associated with allergic rhinitis, called shiners. Read about allergic rhinitis and contact dermatitis. See your family doctor about this. You may need to see an allergy specialist or dermatologist. Good Luck,

J. Thompson, MD

Answered by James Thompson, M.D.