Not Responding To Prednisone.. Still Coughing


Asked by Jenbo551

Not Responding To Prednisone.. Still Coughing

I am asthmatic and take Advair 500/50 twice daily and Nasonex. I was diagnosed with Bronchitis this week and given antibiotics and a Medrol pack to control my spasms. The Medrol did not work after 48 hours so I went back to the doctor and was given an injection of 80mg of Prednisone as well as an injection of another antibiotic. Now 36 hours later after the injections, I still have no relief from my bronchial spasms. I feel so horrible now due to coughing so hard. I have an appointment with a Pulmonologist tomorow and I sure hope he can help me break this cough. Has anyone else not responded to Prednisone? Any suggestions for what else I can try?


I'd be interested to see what the pulmonologist says. Usually asthma responds well to prednisone, yet there are occasions it doesn't. What did he say during your appointment?