November: Jaw Joints - TMJ Awareness Month

Patient Expert

November has been designated as Jaw Joints - TMJ Awareness Month.   In the United States alone, approximately 35 million people suffer with TMJ (TemporoMandibular Joint) disorder, which is a condition involving the muscles and joints that connect the jaw to the skull. Symptoms range from facial pain, to headaches, reduced ability to open (or close) the mouth, and muscle pain in surrounding areas including the neck and shoulders.

TMJ Hope, an information and support website for TMJ disorder patients founded by former ChronicPainConnection expert Stacy Stone, is celebrating Jaw Joints - TMJ Awareness Month during November with their "30 Days of Hope" campaign, which includes daily TMJ-friendly product giveaways and interviews with patients and experts in the field.

Each day in November, TMJ Hope is giving away TMJ disorder friendly products, which will include items like heating pads, pillows, ice packs, protein powder, and copies of physical therapist Cynthia Peterson's book, "A TMJ Healing Plan." Other sponsor companies including Mintiva, Blendtec, Chike, and Sundesa have donated products as well.

To learn more about TMJ disorder and to enter the "30 Days of Hope" giveaway, visit TMJ Hope.

Credit: Thinkstock