Numbness/tingling on one side, then blurred vision?

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Anyone who experiences numbness/tingling on one side, then blurred vision, lasting a few minutes?

My migraines returned at age 58 after a 15-year welcome respite (I am now 60). I experience the aura (zig-zag patterns), then the headache, sometimes with temporary tingling in hands and face, sometimes without, before the headache begins. Recently, I had two instances with numbness in my right hand that begins with the little finger and moves to the thumb, then to the face. This progression lasts about 10 minutes. Recently, I also experienced what felt like my eyes crossing (they weren't crossed, my husband said), which lasted a few seconds, but was pretty frightening. These migraines are so different from the ones I had from age 6-35 that I am concerned they might be some else, like MS. Any thoughts about this pattern would be appreciated. Thank you, Ice-Dancer.


Dear Ice-Dancer,

What you're describing may well be symptoms of Migraine with aura, but you need to talk with your doctor to rule out other possible causes. Migraine can change over the years, but changes in symptoms or pattern need to be checked out, especially since you had the 15-year break.

Statistically, it's unlikely to be MS or any other serious condition, but do see your doctor.

Good luck,
John Claude Krusz and Teri Robert

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