Is Nystatin Cream 30gm Good For Yeast Infections?


Asked by Carebear82

Is Nystatin Cream 30gm Good For Yeast Infections?

I have a yeast infection and already have Nystatin cream (30gm). Could this help me get rid of my infection? Thanks!


Thank you for your question.

Nystatin Cream is a prescription medication to treat fungul infections of the skin, mouth, vagina and intestinal tracts. It should be used only for the reason it was prescribed. You should not use it to treat a yeast infection if this is not why it was prescribed.

There are over-the-counter medications spefically made to treat yeast infections. You should use one of these, however, it is suggested that if this is the first time you have (or think you have) a yeast infection, you should talk to your doctor before using one of these. If the doctor agrees it is a yeast infection, then he will suggest one of the medications. Check out this sharepost for information on why it's important to see a doctor about your possible yeast infection.


Answered by Eileen Bailey