Obese patients trust diet advice from overweight doctors

When a doctor gives you weight-related advice, are you more likely to trust a normal weight doctor or one who is overweight?  New research from Johns Hopkins University has found that it's the latter, at least for obese patients.  The study determined that they tended to trust weight-related counseling more if they received it from overweight physicians.

The researchers used a national survey of 600 overweight and obese patients, examining overall trust in physicians and how patients related to doctors giving them weight-related advice.  Patients were asked about how much they trusted the advice of a doctor on how to control their weight, improve their diets or increase their physical activity.  The results suggested that overweight patients felt that overweight doctors better understood the challenges, negative attitudes and stigmas of obesity.

This result provides a different perspective on overweight doctors. Previous studies have indicated that they get less respect from patients than normal weight physicians.

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Sourced from: Science Daily, Obese Patients Trust Diet Advice from Overweight Physicians More Than Normal Weight Physicians