Obesity Epidemic Is Fueling a Global Rise in Malnutrition: Report

A new report finds that more than 40 percent of countries around the world are seeing "very serious levels" of both malnutrition and obesity. And, the report notes, hundreds of millions of people who are undernourished because they are overweight also have unhealthy levels of sugar, salt or cholesterol in their blood.

According to research done on populations in 129 countries, the 2016 Global Nutrition Report found that one in three people suffers from malnutrition in some form -- a statistic that suggests that being malnourished is, in the report's authors' words, "the new normal."

Professor Corinna Hawkes, who co-chaired the research, is quoted at BBC.com as saying the study was "redefining what the world thinks of as being malnourished. Malnutrition literally means bad nutrition -- that's anyone who isn't adequately nourished. You have outcomes like you are too thin, you're not growing fast enough...or it could mean that you're overweight or you have high blood sugar, which leads to diabetes."

Sourced from: BBC, Obesity boom 'fuelling rise in malnutrition'